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This page serves various purposes. If an item is classed as news, this should be objective in so far as it involves statements of fact. If it is classed as authoritative, then it has the Bishop as author, or his sanction. Views, while obviously not reckless, must stand or fall by the quality of the argument presented.

Paper by Michael Gray, authorised by Bishop Ian, on the resumption of public worship. This paper may still be useful in a time of continuing insecurity. Whatever the objective safety issues are, worshipers deserve consideration.

Statement from Bishop Ian:The news of the passing of our late Gracious Sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second was received with profound sadness and shock. Her Majesty gave a lifetimes service of unselfish dedication to this nation, the Commonwealth, and the peoples of the world. She set an incredible example of duty and dedication encompassing all that was good in society and an understanding of the needs of her nation. Family and Faith, her guiding stays in her long life, enabled her to meet challenges at every level and to bring reassurances and love to us all. She will be mourned and deeply missed by all people of goodwill throughout the world. Her work now completed she has entered heaven to be at peace and at rest. May she now Rest in Peace.
 On behalf of our Clergy and Laity we send our collective condolences to His Majesty King Charles the Third and all members of His family at this the saddest of times.