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This page serves various purposes. If an item is classed as news, this should be objective in so far as it involves statements of fact. If it is classed as authoritative, then it has the Bishop as author, or his sanction. Views, while obviously not reckless, must stand or fall by the quality of the argument presented.

Paper by Michael Gray, authorised by Bishop Ian, on the resumption of public worship.

Message from Bishop Ian concerning the corona virus.
Yesterday Her Majesty’s Government announced a further series of measures which are intended to try and slow down the spread of Coronavirus.
Obviously, we all need to be very mindful of our own interaction with our parishioners, family and friends so may I offer this advice and guidance.
As yet as far as I know, there have not been any restrictions placed directly upon places of worship, although that may change very soon. However, many of our Clergy and Laity will fall within those who are being asked to self-isolate as from this coming weekend. In the case of St Katherine’s for example, both Father Brian and I fall into this category along with about 50% of the congregation so we can see at once the difficulties that we may all face. As a guide therefore, it is not my intention if at all possible to close St Katherine’s but obviously Mass will not be being celebrated. Instead, Matins and Evening Prayer led by a designated member of the Laity will take place at the same scheduled times of our normal services.
For those wishing to partake in a Spiritual Communion, I will celebrate Holy Mass at the precise time of 11.00am each Sunday for the duration of the current crisis.
I am going to consult further with Archbishop Shane to see what else we might be able to advise over the coming days and weeks ahead.
Those members of our Clergy / Readers that do not have emails will be contacted directly by telephone over this matter. Anyone who wishes to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me.